What documents you need to provide us to collect your debt and win your case in Saudi Arabia?

In order to start collecting debts efficiently, our experienced staff will request you to provide certain information proving the debt the debtor owes you, which we will set out step by step below.


1. Documents showing the contractual relationship between the buyer and the seller.This document is typically a contract or a purchase order that sets out the scope of work,payment terms and governing law of the relationship.


2. Proof of delivery of the goods and the services. The set of documents aims to establish that the seller has delivered its obligations (whether goods or services) under the agreed arrangement with the buyer. The form of proof varies from a company to another. However, sellers of goods should insist on obtaining a delivery note or other signed document documenting those goods were delivered in good condition. Seller of services should insist on obtaining documents showing the buyer’s satisfaction of the delivered service.


3. Statement of account including invoices and paid amounts: the buyer should also provide us with a summarized statement of account showing the billed invoices, the amounts paid and the amounts still due and owing in relation to the signed contract or purchase order. A track record of previous payment will be convincing to Saudi commercial and general courts and will demonstrate that the transaction is genuine, due, and owing.


4. Contract information: we also require the seller to provide us with detailed address and contact information of the buyer The information should include customer contact information like address, phone, and email including relevant letters and correspondence from the customer regarding dispute should also be disclosed to enable us to collect your debts in Saudi Arabia efficiently.


We are happy to answer any of your questions. You can connect with us directly through email: [email protected] or phone/what’s app: +966532719663.

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